50 Things That Make Me Happy


I’ve plucked another prompt from the Nano Poblano tree: Write a list of at least 50 things that make you feel good.

50 things is a lot, but I shall try. In no particular order except that in which I thought of them:

  1. My dog.
  2. My cat.
  3. Blog comments.
  4. Friends–when they’re not being shitheads.
  5. Music, music and more music.
  6. Books.
  7. Art.
  8. Movies. I have a weakness for revenge, kung fu, samurai and war movies.
  9. A fresh cup of coffee.
  10. Daisies and night-blooming jasmine. I wish you could smell this picture. Nothing smells better than night-blooming jasmine.
    Night-blooming jasmine.
    Night-blooming amazeballs.
  11. Laughing until I can’t catch my breath.
  12. Driving around with the windows down.
  13. Stars.
  14. Trees.
  15. The smell and colors of fall.
  16. Bodies of water.
  17. Bubble baths.
  18. Candles and bubble baths, at the same time, but not together.
  19. Learning something new and having it click.
  20. Heartfelt hugs from people I care about.
  21. Rainy weekend afternoons when I have nowhere I need to be.
  22. Snow days–not that I’ve had one since I left Boston.
  23. The sound of the ocean.
  24. The quiet of early morning.
  25. Sunrises.
  26. Sunsets.
  27. Awesome quotes.
  28. Discovering a new favorite album/book/artwork/movie.
  29. Finding out that a band/writer/artist/filmmaker has another album/book/artwork/movie that I haven’t seen yet.
  30. Creating things like my little animals for sale on Redbubble.
  31. Selling one of my little animals on Redbubble. Soon, there will be a little girl (or boy) somewhere in the EU wearing a pink unicorn shirt that originated in my brain here in Los Angeles. That’s so rad.
    Worldwide, bitches!
  32. Not hearing a song in a long time and remembering all the words.
  33. Naming inanimate objects. My car is named Blue, my iPod is Mae and my iPhone is Beauregard Asstaste (long, not very interesting story).
  34. Naps.
  35. Sushi.
  36. Chocolate.
  37. Hot chocolate with little marshmallows. Little marshmallows are a must.
  38. Having a sunroof on my car. I’ve never had one before and I use it all the time unless it’s raining.
  39. Clean sheets.
  40. A freshly cleaned house.
  41. Remembering the answer to an obscure question and having people stare at you like you’re crazy because you knew that.
  42. Saying something funny that takes a minute to catch and then having people laugh at it a long time.
  43. Inside jokes.
  44. Art supplies.
  45. Finding money in a coat pocket I haven’t worn since last fall.
  46. Getting packages in the mail even if I know what they are.
  47. Freshly baked bread, cookies and pie.
  48. Freshly sharpened pencils.
  49. Comfortable shoes.
  50. Finally remembering where that thing is that you were looking for.