Q & A With My iTunes Library

The best button ever invented.

I have a lot of music in my library and I’ve noticed that some of these songs ask questions that I can’t rightly answer. So, I thought I’d put the questions to other artists in my library and see what they come up with.

First, I searched for “?” and came up with a list of questions. Then, for each question, I hit the shuffle button and the first track is the answer.

The best button ever invented.
The best button ever invented.

I’m not sure how entertaining this will be, but I can’t think of anything else to write about today, so here we go.

Q: The first question comes from 7Seconds. They would like to know How Do You Think You’d Feel?

Well, I would probably feel tired and unmotivated, but let’s see what our library has to say.

A: And the answer comes from Napalm Death. They say Awake (To A Life Of Misery).

Well, Napalm Death, that’s not a very positive outlook, but I suppose it’s somewhat accurate. Thanks for answering 7Seconds’ question.

Q: Our next question comes from Hank Williams III. He would like to know What Did Love Ever Do To You?

I love this track, Hank. Thanks for this song and thanks for the question.

A: Our answer comes from none other than ZZ Top. They say Sure Got Cold After The Rain Fell.

That isn’t really an answer at all, ZZ. Try harder. Moving on.

Q: Our next question comes from Weldon Rogers. He asks I’m Building A ?? (On The Moon).

What is Weldon building on the moon? I would actually like to know.

A: Our answer comes from Social Distortion who is building A Place In My Heart on the moon.

Aww, that’s a very sweet answer, Social D.

Q: A Tribe Called Quest has a philosophical question for us. They would like to know: Can I Kick It?

That’s an excellent question, Tribe. You seem to have answered your own question in the song, though. Let’s see what the rest of the library has to say.

A: Frank Sinatra says I Could Have Told You, which really sounds like an affirmative answer to me, Tribe, so go ahead and kick it.

Q: Tame Impala would like to know Why Won’t They Talk To Me? from the album Lonerism. It seems they are lonely.

I’m not sure. Perhaps you’re trying too hard, Tame Impala. I’ll get some advice from the rest of the library.

A: Metallica says it’s The Frayed Ends Of Sanity, which sounds to me like they’re saying you’re crazy, Tame Impala.

Try to stop being crazy.

Q: Our next question is from Stormtroopers Of Death. They would like to know What’s That Noise?

What the fuck indeed.

A: Clutch says the noise is Arcadia. Arcadia is a city in California, so perhaps that’s what they mean.

There you have it, SOD.

Q: The Rolling Stones ask: Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow?

There’s a lot of screaming going on in that video.

A: The answer comes from the Thin White Duke himself. Mr. David Bowie says The Stars (Are Out Tonight).

David, I love you, but it appears you’re no better at answering questions than ZZ Top.

Q: Let’s do one more. This one comes from The Ramones. They would like to know Do You Remember Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio?

A: Our answer comes from The Weirdos who say We Got The Neutron Bomb.

Well, that’s nice, Weirdos, but that doesn’t answer the Ramones’ question. Musicians are pretty bad at answering direct questions it seems.


Well, this was fun and I hardly even scratched the surface of all the “?” in my library. Maybe we’ll answer more someday.

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