FOG’s 4th Anniversary

Holy crap! Two days and four years ago, I started this blog.


Originally, FOG was at another blogging site that rhymes with Frogger for about a year. It was the WordPress stats that swayed me. They were shiny. Plus, I liked their templates better. I didn’t actually move to WordPress until April 2010, but January 16, 2009 is the date on the first Fish Of Gold post. They made it ridiculously easy with their import blog function. Do I sound too much like a WP commercial? OK then, complaints coming up…

WordPress has come a long way since I’ve been here. They’ve gone from a highly functional bare bones site to a mostly functional site with lots of flashy bells and whistles. Some of the bells and whistles don’t seem to work all that well, and they keep rearranging them for no apparent reason. I’ve had complaints recently that FOG posts are not showing up in readers and the blog search (that I have there for your convenience, but really, I use it all the time) only intermittently works. Like so:

Picture 1

Really? I find it difficult to believe that I’ve never used the word “the.”

In any event, no matter what the issues, I know that they’re working on it. WordPress is still the best game in town. I’ve met oodles of people whose blogs and comments I’ve come to love that I probably wouldn’t have found elsewhere. I’ve been Freshly Pressed twice. There is now a tiny little community on this site. Things are looking up for FOG. There are FOGย  subscribers who read posts and comment on them (when they can see them in their reader) and that certainly wasn’t always the case.

FOG is not like the early days anymore where no one read it at all. This blog would sometimes go weeks without even a single view. Sometimes, I approved spam just to feel like I wasn’t all alone in the internet. Boohoohoo.

It was hard going, but I kept at it. I hoped that, eventually, someone might find FOG since I did absolutely no self-promotion whatsoever and I still don’t. People have come and gone, and that’s alright. I love it when I don’t have to moderate comments because whomever is commenting has commented before. Repeat business! Who could ask for more?

Including this one, FOG is 5 posts away from 500 posts. Five Hundred Posts! Damn, that’s a lot. I never thought there would be that many. Granted, some of them are garbage (kind of like this one), but there are quite a few posts in there that I’m proud of. Five hundred posts is way more than I ever thought I would write. Since April 2010, this is how far FOG has come:

Screen shot 2013-01-20 at 6.12.22 PMPicture 3

I cannot thank you all enough, my lovely readers. Have a cupcake.

Mmm Cupcakes!
I made them myself… in Photoshop.