The Other Me

If you could become two people right now, what are the first two things you’d want to do?

Two people? As in clone myself or split off into two? Is there some sort of internal communication system or are we on our own? If we accidentally touch, will the world explode? Would one have to be the good twin and the other be the evil? Do I have to kill the other me assuming that I am the good twin? Would that be considered suicide? Would I still be the good twin if I killed the other me? These questions inspire so many questions.

Alright, for the sake of argument, let’s say I am two people, both me (and me), neither evil nor good. Both me’s possess all the qualities and deficiencies that make up me. We think, walk and talk the same and have the same memories. There is no killing involved. One of the me’s would go back to bed, as this me has been considering since I got out of it, and the other me would continue writing this post.

Having another me would be quite nifty now that I think about it. For instance, during the week, one of me could go to work in the morning while the other slept, and when the afternoon doldrums came on, we could just switch places so that I’d never feel like falling asleep at my desk. Or we could just trade off days. You take Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week and next week, we’ll trade.

One of me could stay home with the dog so that she’s never forced to go into her crate, which I feel terrible about. We could go for long walks and enjoy the summer sun on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Think of all the writing I could get done. I’d never be too tired to write after work. I’d never feel like I dragged my ass through a minefield only to get home and feel lousy because I’m too uninspired and tired to write. With two minds, both basically the same, we could tag team the writing. I’d read something the other me wrote and continue it. I’m sure there would never be any typos that way, too.

After a while, the other me and I would actually become two discrete people though. It’s inevitable since we wouldn’t share the exact same life experiences anymore. One might decide that she’d like to move to Montana and raise goats while the other aspires to be a rock and roll star. We might grow apart. Sure, we’d talk all the time at first, but then gradually, we wouldn’t have the time for each other anymore what with the European concert tour and all. Phone conversations might drop off in frequency until we only call each other on our birthday. I’d be sad to see the other me go, but we each have to live our own lives eventually.

No matter what happens, the other me will always be a part of me though. Even though we no longer talk all the time, I know that, if I really needed me, I could pick up the phone and I would drop everything to be be with me because that’s the kind of person we are.

Godspeed, me. Wherever life takes me, I just want me to be happy. Just know that I will always be there for me.

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