Today, The Daily Post told me to comment on someone’s blog and then write about it. I stumbled on a post regarding the loss of an ipod named Henry. Our intrepid blogger writes, “I love Henry. He is my friend on long commutes and I’ve had him for years. Henry is irreplaceable.” Fortunately, Henry was not lost, just misplaced. Phew.

As I commented on the blog, it never occurred to me to name my ipod. It’s just called “ipod” even though it’s one of the most important items in my workday next to coffee and my computer. Without it, I would have to work in silence and I’m not entirely sure that’s even possible.

Why is it that humans name some things, but not others? We name our children, pets, teddy bears, boats and sometimes even our cars and houses, but that’s pretty much it. Why is an ipod no less deserving of a name than a boat? They’re both mechanical items with no sentience, but boats get names whereas ipods do not.

My previous car was named Lucy and I owned her for a few years before she earned a name. I was driving cross country in my little car with a massive trailer hitched to the back going up a steep grade, and as a sign of encouragement, I said, “C’mon, Lucy, you can do it!” and she did. The name stuck. The car I drive now doesn’t have a name. It hasn’t done anything to earn one yet.

I think my ipod, which I’ve had for many years, has probably earned a name by now. It is my constant companion after all. I like the concept of my belongings having names, beyond just my pets and my boat (not that I own a boat, but if I did, it would have a name). It seems like the wacky kind of thing I would do. In the spirit of Henry, I will name my ipod, but what?

Henry is a male name and most inanimate objects are traditionally given female names. Mine sort of feels like a girl. Since it’s an older model ipod, she probably needs an old-fashioned name like Mabel. Yes, Mabel. We’ll call her Mae for short. Thanks for keeping me company, Mae. I hope we have many more years together.