Quarantine Day 13. Send Beer.

Greetings and salutations, internet! Is that redundant? Isn’t a greeting the same thing as a salutation? So many questions…

Let me just dust off this dashboard.  It’s been a while. I forgot my login credentials and the whole place looks different. [Obligatory complaint about how WordPress changes everything.] I don’t even remember how to do this.

How are you, my people? Are you still there? Are you still my people? Are you coping with this quarantine thing? It’s absolutely nutty, isn’t it? I mean, this is a movie plot we’re living in. 12 Monkeys and The Walking Dead. That’s a good band name.

I am fortunate that I can work from home. I am one of only four people in my company who can. Everyone else was furloughed, which is just a nice way of saying they don’t want to pay you now, but you can maybe get your job back later if and when things return to a state of normalcy.

So, like most of the rest of the world, I’ve been at home for two weeks. I have actually been pretty productive. I could get used to this working from home thing. Though I wish I actually had more time to goof around. I could read and draw and update my Redbubble shop. I could write.

I just said that to a friend of mine. I was saying how I haven’t written in forever and I don’t remember the last time I was even on here. He said, in so many words, that the world misses my words and that I should get back on the blog horse. Of course, he was also drunk at the time, but either the guilt or the ego-stroking prompted me to do just that, so here I am. Because, why not?

It’s funny how something like a blog which you spent so much time working on for so many years can just kind of fall away slowly and die a silent death. Every year, when it’s time to renew my domain, I pay up with the notion that I’ll be back here soon, but then I never seem to do it. The more time that passes, the harder it is to get back on.

I keep thinking that I need to have something to say to write here, as if every post is gold, but most of what is written here is just silly nonsense. This is not Shakespeare. I have nothing to say in a blog post, but I guess I never really did. Fuck it, we’re doing it live.

Strangely, being stuck in my house has made me more social. Just this week alone, I’ve had two drunken video conferences with two sets of people. I also have no beer in my house, so I’ve been making do with very fine bourbon.

I have food and toilet paper, because I was one of those plan-ahead lunatics who went to the store before things got bad. When I heard about the Wuhan quarantine, I stocked up. When Italy shut down, I doubled up. I completely missed the panic buying. I even have… gasp… hand sanitizer.

So, here I am stuck in my house with two dogs and two cats and one temporarily unemployed sister who is going stir crazy, because unlike me, she is not working from home. It could be worse though. I could be stuck with any of my ex-boyfriends or any of the terrible roommates I’ve had over the years. Like the one who never once bought toilet paper throughout several years of cohabitation, as if the toilet fairies replenished our supply nightly.

Anyway, I still don’t have much to say, but leave a comment if you’re still out there, because in this strange new reality of social isolation, we could all use more virtual interaction. Cheers!