Weekend Coffee Share: Work, Dorkery & Assorted Drudgery

Hi there. Come on in and set a spell. I’m not really up for company today since I have a raging headache, but it’s been so long since we talked, I kind of feel obligated.

What’s been going on? What did I miss? How’s it hangin’? Still to the left?

Let’s see, what’s been going on with me… not much really.

Work. There’s been a lot of that – like 40 whole hours a week.

Since my old boss retired and the boss/son tag team that made my life hell for two years is no longer a thing, I kind of don’t mind work anymore. That’s a strange thing to say about a place that made my work life impossible for two years.

Not only do I not hate my job anymore, but I like my new boss, not only as a boss, but as a person. He’s smart and very funny. He’s like a way less angry and cynical, way more outgoing version of me. He gets me. If he wasn’t my boss, I might even say we could be friends.

Not only do we get along personally, but professionally, he affords me a modicum of respect. He see me and the former boss’ son as the equals that we are. It’s an unfamiliar experience.

I’m relishing the pickle that this newfound equity has put former boss’ son in. For almost all of his career, his mommy was his boss. His mom/my boss never saw us as equals and treated me like the stepchild you inherit, but don’t want. Yeah, you feed and clothe them, but fuck if you’re going to put any effort into it when you have your own perfect, darling son. Well, mommy is gone now, and with her, all the perks that the boss’ son used to get. Haha!

It’s strange going to the same building with the same coworkers, doing the same job and having it feel entirely different. It’s like I got a new job without even doing anything. If only I could get a raise, work life would be pretty great. I’m not holding my breath though, since even though new boss is good, I still work for the same skinflint company.

I am still a non-smoker.

I haven’t had a cigarette since April 12th. That’s an amazing thing to say really. I’m vaping up a storm, but I haven’t had a cigarette at all. Eventually, it would be nice to quit the vaping thing, too, but for now, I’m fine with it.

After much research and trying different things, I feel like I finally have a fairly good handle on the world of vaping. I’m still a newbie, but at least I know what I like now. That’s a start.

I signed up for VapeBox, where they send you new juice samples every month. This month, they sent me two new flavors and one I’ve already tried. Oh well.

This morning, I’m trying Cinnaberry, which is described as “cinnamon roll with strawberry icing.” It’s tastes pretty much exactly as described. Cinnamon and strawberry are not two things I would typically put together, and I doubt I’ll be buying more once this is gone, but it’s not bad.

While I haven’t discovered a flavor I can’t live without through VapeBox in the 3 months I’ve been a member, I love the concept. It allows me to try new things every month (well, 2 new things out of 3 anyway). Trying new things is something that’s been mostly lacking in my life lately.

I’m still coasting.

My mental health state is not what you could consider healthy. It’s not unhealthy, but let’s just say there hasn’t been much forward progress. That’s all I feel like saying on that.

Dorkery is afoot.

My friends and I have started another Pathfinder dork campaign, so now, in addition to being an orc barbarian with a bear, I am also a dwarf monk who specializes in hand to hand combat like One-Punch Man, which I still haven’t even watched, so I can’t say whether that’s a good comparison or not.

Once again, no one wanted to be the fighter type character, so I found myself volunteering for the role, but I didn’t want to be the same muscle I am in the other one. I wanted something with a little more finesse, so this time, I’m not all brawn, no brains. I actually have some wisdom, which is nice.

I really don’t mind being the tank. I actually kind of like it. It’s simple and I don’t have to be the mouthpiece. I’m a terrible negotiator and not much of a people person in real life, so I doubt that would improve much when role-playing. So far, all I can really say about the new game is that it really sucks being level one.

I’m going on vacation.

July 1st through July 17th, I will not be here. I will be driving from California to Michigan with my sister and two dogs to visit the parents. Hardly a dream vacation, but necessary. I haven’t visited my parents since before I got my dog and she is over 6 years old.

My father is aging dramatically. That tends to happen with octogenarians. So, this might be my last visit. Hopefully not, but when someone gets to that age and isn’t in the best of health, you need to start facing facts. Namely, that my father is not going to live all that much longer. On the outside, maybe another 10 years.

So, yeah, family vacation. Woot. And, because we’re taking the dogs, we’re driving. 6-8 days round-trip in the car with two dogs and my sister! What fun.

You have no practical conception of how extremely large and predominantly not scenic The United States is until you drive across it in one go. I’ve done it three times. I’m kind of dreading the trip, but hey, two weeks off of work ain’t all bad. I’ve never taken that much time off of work in a row ever (not including unemployment, which I don’t think counts). No alarm clocks for two weeks! Plus, there’s the added bonus of getting to drive through Trump country. sigh.

I could go on with more details of what has become my humdrum life, but I think we’ll leave it at that. Hopefully, we’ll have a chance to visit again before I leave on my trip. If not, I’m sure I’ll regale you with many not very exciting adventures once I get back. I’ll let you know when I’ve prepared the 5 hour slideshow. Later, taters.

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