a sonder file: griefhole, v.III

I’m all sondering it up at the Rarasaur today.


It’s my favorite Fish! Goldy is carrying our star-tied story forward today with a tale of two losses, and infinite loves.

Welcome to the Sonder Files.


The man I shared a life with for fifteen years suddenly died on March 13th, 2015. I didn’t find out about it until March 15th. That’s the day my life irrevocably shifted out of focus. Only a few hours after I found out about his death, I wrote this post, which I still haven’t read. All I remember about it now is that I was very angry.

In the months that followed, I hid from the world. I left the house only to go to work. I wrote unpolished, screeching words on my blog under a new category, Grief Diary. Writing was the only thing that made me feel even slightly better.

After months of hiding and radio silence, I…

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