The Colors We Choose

The colors we choose to have around us say a lot about our personalities. Based on that, my personality is fractured.

I pretty much wear nothing but black, gray, green, and blue. The colors I do wear are dark jewel tonesโ€“navy blue, hunter or olive green. I don’t wear lime green or cobalt blue. I have one pink shirt and one red one. I seldom wear either. Most of the personality evident in my clothes is on my feet. I have some awesome, crazy shoes, yet, the shoes I wear most often are black Converse All Stars.


I have a friend whose wife sells custom blinds. If a person can’t make up their mind as to what kind of blinds they want in their house, she looks in their closet. She says that the best way to determine a person’s personality is by what they wear. I told her that, based only on wardrobe, I’d have black blinds, but if you look at my house, you’d see this:

Orange pigs, purple unicorns, blue owls, pink monkeys, etc., on a backdrop of exploding color. My house is bright and colorful and cheery. All that color and silliness around makes me happy. I don’t dress like I live. Where does this dichotomy come from?

To console my friend’s wife, I told her that, ten years ago, her theory about closets and personality would have been valid for me. I used to live like I dress. My living spaces used to be dark jewel tones. I even had two sets of black sheets. Now, I have two sets of purple sheets. Two apartments ago, I had a dark green wall with black trim. Now, I have a bright blue wall and this is my bathroom:


Why the switch? Well, I’m not sure, but I can tell you that I’m a lot happier with all that color around.

This is what my creative process looks like: messy.
This is what my creative process looks like: messy.

Yesterday, I designed some badges for Nano Poblano. The first one I created was the light one on the center right. But then, as I do, I kept messing with it until it became the dark one in the center. I liked that one, but I also liked the light one. I could not decide which I liked better, so finally, I just said screw it, and posted both of them.

This morning, I went to add one to my sidebar. I tried both, but ultimately, I used the light one because it went better with my light-colored blog theme.ย  Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have even created the light one, let alone used it.

In a larger, metaphorical sense, a struggle between light and dark is happening inside my brain. Light seems to be winning externally, but internally, that’s a different story.

Does your clothing match your personality and your home?