10 Things I Hate: Angry Haiku

I don’t have much time today, so I give you 10 angry haiku. Honestly, these are more like senryū than haiku, but whatever. Enjoy.


You, in front of me,
Please, notice your surroundings
Get out of my way!

You see these people?
We’ve all been waiting in line
Don’t take cuts, asshole

Jury duty blues
Do your civic duty once
and it never ends

What is the damn point?
Walking dogs in dog strollers
Most dogs have four legs

Big, Super, Double
A sixty-four ounce soda?
What’s next? Bucket Gulp?

People shouldn’t die
At least not people I like
Grief is the suxxorz

No, I won’t share that
Posting “share if you agree”
doesn’t change a thing

Why don’t I have wings?
I want to soar through the skies
and poop on windshields

Bigoted, selfish,
evil and/or mean people:
This is my war face

Hours at crap job: nine
Free hours not spent sleeping: five
Humans: not so smart