And Then There Was One

Only one month left to finish my cryptid calendar. You voted for your favorite cryptids and Griffin came in third place, so he was next to be drawn.


You may notice that the Griffin’s lower half is very similar to that of my Lion. Since the Griffin is half lion anyway, I felt it entirely appropriate to steal from myself. The problem is that I totally lazied out on Lion and didn’t even draw him a body. Under Lion’s glorious mane, this is all there was:

Screen shot 2015-01-09 at 3.11.12 PM

Now, should Lion ever need a body for any reason, I can just steal it from Griffin. What goes around comes around I guess.

And before you complain, yes, I know Griffin is supposed to have eagle talons on the front half, but I didn’t like the way they looked. Plus, since he’s imaginary anyway, I felt it was alright to take some liberties. Also, lazy.

In fourth place, we had a tie between the Kraken and Werewolf, so I guess it just depends on which one I feel like drawing next.

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