10 Ways To Tell If Your Job Sucks


If any of the following are true, your job sucks.

  1. Coming in to work on January 5th (after taking a “vacation” day for January 2nd), you realize that your next paid holiday is Memorial Day at the end of May, 138 days from now.
  2. Your former boss still acts like he’s your boss, even though he isn’t. The company I work for now bought both the company that has employed me for three years and the company I worked for before that (that laid me off when they were bought). This means that I work with a lot of former coworkers. One of them is my former boss. We are equals now–we’re both art directors–but you’d never guess by the way he and the company treat me. He has an office and a parking spot. I have a cubicle. He critiques my work. He gives me unasked design advice, which isn’t even all that good. He acts like my boss, but HE IS NOT MY BOSS. One of these days, I’m going to go off on him and it won’t be pretty.

  3. Nobody has to take any holiday decorations down because no one put any up. There was no holiday lunch, no year-end bonus, and no extra time off. There was a notice that the unsanctioned Secret Santa coordinated by employees should take place only during breaks or lunch so as to not disrupt work.

  4. Even though you’re a salaried employee, you have to clock in and out, even at lunch. And, even though you’re salaried, you have to earn all of your vacation time. At this rate, I’ll have a week of vacation sometime around March of 2016.

  5. When walking out the front door, even at lunch, you have to show the contents of your bag to a camera in the ceiling manned by someone on the other side of the country.

  6. You don’t even care enough to find out the names of most of your coworkers, because anyone who’s worked here longer than a year is obviously insane and about to go postal.

  7. You have brought zero personal effects in to work and your cubicle walls are as bare as day one when you had to clean out someone else’s personal effects, because the company couldn’t even be arsed to provide a clean desk for you. And they didn’t even give you cleaning supplies.

  8. You begin to pine for your old crappy job where you were severely underpaid, but at least you got a modicum of respect and had an office.

  9. You’ve been counting the days until the holidays are over and you can look for a new job since November.

  10. You walk around angry at everything and resentful of almost everyone (particularly, management) all the time and you’ve only worked there five months.