I Went To Vegas And All I Got Was This Lousy Picture

I went to Las Vegas with my family. A word to the wise; don’t do that.

If you’re going to do that, don’t go the day after Christmas.

If you’re going to go the day after Christmas, don’t drive; fly.

Eight hours after we left Los Angeles, we arrived. Driving from LA to LV is usually just over four hours. It took us eight, because everyone and their brother had the same idea that we did. The idea being that nobody will be in Vegas the day after Christmas, right?

Wrong. Millions of people were in Vegas the day after Christmas. In fact, the lady at the concierge desk said that the week between Christmas and New Year is normally their busiest week, but with gas prices so cheap this year, it was way busier than normal.

Apparently, I don’t think outside the box all that well.

My father can walk, but not far and not all that well, and certainly not fast, so we rented a wheelchair for him. While all the casinos are handicap accessible, they’re mainly designed for walking. And they all have carpet. Have you ever tried pushing a wheelchair with a full-grown man on carpet? Yeah, don’t do that. Pushing a wheelchair on carpet is like trying to run on sand.

Not to mention the static electricity. Every third step, I got a shock. The wheelchair had rubber wheels and handles, yet I still got a shock every third step. Roll roll ouch, repeat. My hair was so static clingy that it looked like I was touching a lightning ball. My mom had her FitBit on her and six and a half miles was the final walking tally for the 26th. Six and a half miles of that.


My parents are not big gamblers anyway. I am. I can become an addictive gambler very easily. One trip to Vegas, I had to be literally dragged away from a craps table by my friends. Let’s just say that it’s a very good thing that gambling isn’t legal in California.

I blew my whole wad, which was $150 of my Redbubble earnings, in about two hours. The degenerate gambler that I am, I even tried to go back to the ATM to get more money, but it said I had reached my daily limit. Good thing, too, or I probably would have spent my rent money. Gambling and I don’t mix well.

The rest of the time, I sat there watching my family play penny slots, including this one:

This was the only picture I took in Vegas and I took it just for you.

The only thing more boring than playing slots is watching someone else play slots. Yawn.

I lost all my gambling money, spent too much on food, and pushed a wheelchair six and a half miles in one day uphill both ways on carpet, getting shocked every third step. Jiggity jig.

As a bonus, here’s my dog destroying Christmas.


Only seven more days with family to go. Sigh.