Blog Hop II – The Name Game

Another day, another Pepper blog hop. Excellent.

This one is labeled Blog Hop II, but it’s actually the third hop I’ve participated in. We are to write an anecdote about someone with an unusual name and you have to determine whether or not it’s true. Apparently, there’s a prize! Yay prizes!


The rules for the Name Game Blog Hop:

  1. Write a paragraph or two about somebody from an ordinary walk of life with an unordinary name. It can either be a true story about somebody you know with that name, or a fictional piece about somebody with a name you made up.
  2. After you’re done posting your story, send me an email to with your Blog Hop II, your blog name and either TRUE STORY or MADE IT UP in the subject line.

  3. Pick another Nano Poblano team member from the home page and tag them on their About page. Try to spread the wealth around from Fish of Gold’s original blog hop to start, but duplication is OK as the month rolls along.

  4. The writing cutoff is Nov. 28. By the end of Nov. 29, email to me at a list with a guess of TRUE STORY or MADE UP for each post on the blog hop. Put Blog Hop II, Final Guesses in the subject line.

  5. The Nano Poblano team member with the most correct answers wins a special prize, which I will mail to them. That means you will have to email me your address if you win.

  6. Add your link to the chain of writers.

  7. Have fun.

The story:

My grandmother was a middle school teacher who, like me, was name challenged, meaning she had trouble remembering them. It’s a family curse. Anyway, the new school year was especially hard for her with all the new kids.

On the first day of school, she would call out the names of students on her roster, then write down what they called themselves and where they sat on a seating chart. Things went along in the usual manner, until she got to this one…


Being a proper lady and the only adult in a room full of twelve year olds, my grandmother called out the name with an ever so sensitive hard CH sound instead of SH.

A voiced called back, “It’s pronounced shit-ayn, but people call me Shitty.” My grandmother wrote down “Miss Brown” in the corresponding square on her seating chart.

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I’m going to pass it on to someone who hasn’t been tagged in any of the blog hops so far. The first blog on The Pepper Blog Roll that I didn’t see on any of the Hop lists was Snoskred.