For Goatness Sake

I can’t think of anything to write about and it’s been a million years since I did a new animal for my store, so today, I’m going to show you how I draw a goat. Why a goat? Well, I don’t know. I haven’t drawn a goat yet.

As always, the first step in drawing something that already exists is to do some research. Searching the internet for goat…

This image is called scareygoat.jpg. Yup. (
This image is called scareygoat.jpg. Yup.

Gah!! Perhaps something a little less horrifying…

daaaw. (

Better, but we still need a full body goat…


Alright then. Goat. As usual, I start with the body first, and as usual, it ends up looking like a deformed bean.

Picture 4

Not much of a goat, I know, but it’s a start. Next, a neck…

Picture 5

Still not much goatiness happening here, but trust me. There will be goat. Now, some appendages so it can walk and stuff…

Picture 6
It’s amazing that it can stand with one leg. Let’s add more.
Picture 7
It kind of looks like the makings of a tauntaun from Star Wars.


Mental note: if drawing a tauntaun, start with goat. However, we’re going for goat here, so another leg is needed.
Picture 8What a difference one leg makes. No more tauntaun. One more leg for a complete set:
Picture 9
There. A full set of legs. They’re rather spindly, but goat legs are rather spindly, so I’m told. Moving on. We have achieved goat body. Now, comes the hard part: the head. Another deformed bean coming up…

Picture 10

That looks vaguely headish. Now for some ears and horns.

Picture 11

And on the other side.

Picture 12

It’s looking pretty darn goat. It needs some facey things like eyes, mouth and nose.

Picture 13

Aw. That’s a cute goat. Now to put it on the body and see if it looks properly goaty.

Picture 14

Aw. It looks goaty. What color should we make the goat? Goats come in a lot of colors. I think for simplicity’s sake, I’ll leave him white. I don’t have too many white animals. Besides, white goats look very dashing:


It needs some hooves and stuff.

Picture 16Yay! Goat! Now to put him on a background and add him to the store.

Picture 2
Perhaps I did have an ulterior motive in drawing a goat since this happened…
Picture 1
Go buy my goats! I leave you with this…