25 Songs: Day 23 Hate



Day 23 – A song you can’t stand to listen to.

That applies to a lot of music even just in my library. When a song comes up on full shuffle and I hate it, instead of deleting it like I probably should, I just uncheck it so it won’t show up in full shuffle again. These are all unchecked.

Picture 4

Some of them are just songs I have multiple times, a lot of them are “skits” which I hate, or dialog tracks and interviews, and some are just songs that assault my senses and make me murderous.

Why do I uncheck rather than delete? Well, I’m sort of anal about my music. I like seeing tracks 1-12 or whatever. Even if I’ll never listen to track 4 ever again, I want to see it there unchecked for two reasons. First, I don’t like having holes in albums. Second, if I have a hole in an album, I might think that I’m missing track 4 for an unknown reason, so I’ll go track it down and import it again, only to realize that I hate it. So, if it’s left there unchecked, I know I have it and don’t want it.

Following is an example of songs that make me murderous. It’s 12 minutes of annoying. It starts off pretty ridiculous, but by the end it’s just random noodling and I hate random noodling:

Unchecked? Check.