Cats Vs. Dogs

I have one of each, which gives me a rather unique perspective. I can study them in their natural habitat, i.e. my house. For as long as man has had domesticated animals, we’ve argued whether Batman is better than Superman and whether dogs are better than cats or vice versa.

I’ve decided to put my unique perspective as owner of one of each towards answering the debate of the ages, since clearly, Batman is better than Superman. Clearly.

10 Reasons Cats Are Better Than Dogs

  1. They poop in boxes.
  2. You don’t have to exercise them.
  3. Cats are expert cuddlers and they purr. Purring is an awesome skill.
  4. Self-cleaning.
  5. You can put food and water down and leave them alone for the weekend.
  6. They’re independent and don’t need a lot of attention.
  7. When a cat loves you, it’s earned.
  8. They’re quiet animals (sometimes too quiet).
  9. You won’t have an insect or rodent problem with a cat around.
  10. They do really strange, entertaining things.

10 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Cats

  1. They follow directions.
  2. Dogs really care whether you live or die.
  3. You can take them places.
  4. They’re generally happy animals. Happiness can be contagious.
  5. They try to protect us.
  6. They’re sorry when they do something bad.
  7. They’re loyal. If you are their person, they will love you even to their own detriment.
  8. You can almost always tell what a dog is thinking.
  9. They mourn their owners.
  10. They do really strange, entertaining things.

What say you?