Q & A With My iTunes Library Part 4

It’s Friday and I can’t think of anything else to write about, so we’re going to do another Q & A session with my music library.

Q & A With My iTunes Library is where I answer questions asked by songs in my music library with other songs in my music library. First, I searched my library for questions and came up with a list. Then, for each question, I hit the shuffle button and the first track is the answer.

Q: This first question comes from Marvin Gaye. He would like to know What Do You Want With Him?

A: And the answer comes from Orange Goblin. They say they want One Room, One Axe, One Outcome.

That’s not a very peaceful outcome, Orange Goblin.

Q: Our next question comes from The Offspring. They would like to know What Happened To You?

I didn’t even know I had any Offspring in my library.

A: Our answer comes from my favorite atheist rapper (yes, there’s more than one), Mr. Greydon Square. This guy is rad. He raps about science and stuff. Greydon says the World Around Us happened to him.

That’s a pretty accurate answer, Greydon.

Q: Our next question comes from my favorite South African muppets, Die Antwoord. They want to know So What?

A: Our answer comes from Sleigh Bells. They say Born To Lose is what.

Love these guys. They’re so loud.

Q: Eyehategod has a question. They would like to know Who Gave Her The Roses?

A: Snoop (and Warren G & Nate Dogg) say Don’t Tell.

That’s an evasive answer, Snoop.

Q: Funkadelic would like to knowWho Says A Funk Band Can’t Play Rock?

Certainly not me, Funkadelic. You go on and play all the rock you want. Love that song.

A: Robert Johnson has decided to answer. He says Ramblin’ On My Mind.

That doesn’t really imply that he says you can’t play rock to me, Funkadelic.

Q: Our next question is from Mr. George Jones. He wants to know Who Shot Sam?

A: Masters of Reality answered with The Ballad Of Jody Frosty.

Maybe Jody Frosty shot Sam, George.

Q: Lords Of Acid want to know Who Do You Think You Are?

A: The mighty Fu Manchu have given us the answer. They say Asphalt Risin’.

I’m not sure how that answers Lord Of Acid’s question, but rock right on, Fu.

Q: The Misfits would really like to know Who Shot Marilyn?

There’s a lot of shooting going on here today.

A: Our answer comes from Blood Ceremony, the only rock band I know with a flute besides Jethro Tull & The Moody Blues. They says Daughter Of The Sun shot Marilyn.

I’m not sure who that is. Maybe we should inform the police.


Well, that’s about all we have time for today. Until next time…

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