A Fit Of Poetic Folly

I am with you in the dark
When you’re not sleeping.
Awake and pretending,
Cringing at the thoughts that plague you.

I yell at you.
You don’t listen,
You attempt to drown out my noise;
It never works.

I creep up on you
And whisper in your ear.
Softly speaking the things you don’t want to hear.
Listen to my voice.

I am your constant companion,
Through good and bad, especially bad.
That’s when I am strongest.
That’s when you need me most.

I am inside of you,
twisting through you,
Keeping you in one piece.
Always there.

I am your isolation, your fear, your insecurity.
I am your darkness.
I am your depression.
I will never leave.

Ill-advised mashing of fingers against keyboard in a never-to-be-repeated fit of something vaguely resembling poetry attempted for Blast from the Past: Weekly Writing Challenge

This is what I was listening to while writing this. It seems to fit.

My apologies to Tool.