Change Of Routine

I haven’t been doing much reading lately, and by “much” I mean “any.” I used to read every day. Other than to install them into their new permanent homes in the bookshelves in my new room, I haven’t so much as picked up a book since before I moved. The day that Male moved away, I started reading Darkness At Noon again. I’m still technically reading it because a) I haven’t finished it and b) I’m not reading anything else. I do not currently know where it is; that makes it difficult to read it. I am pretty sure it’s in the house somewhere. I also do not know where my cat grooming supplies, sewing kit or nail scissors are.

I haven’t especially looked for the book though. I haven’t felt to urge to read. I’ve hardly even been on the internet. The last time I opened my laptop was to transfer files to my new desktop computer a week ago. Sunday morning, my routine used to be making a pot of coffee, going outside with my laptop and noodling about for a few hours until the coffee had thoroughly saturated my brains. Sometimes, I would even write something. This past Sunday morning, I made a pot of coffee, took the dog out to sniff around and still refuse to poop, came back inside, fired up my desktop, responded to comments, felt antsy, like I was wasting time, and then moved some crap around in my house.

I know a lot of this change has to do with the fact that I have no idea where my sewing kit is and I won’t feel comfortable in the new place until I do, but the fact is, I’m not sure how much of my old weekend routine of internet noodling, reading and writing will stick around even when everything has a place and is living in it. My dog and I both miss our yard. It seems none of the members of my household–the dog, the cat and I–are very good at change. We are struggling to find our way. We all like the new view though.

2013-08-18 06.51.50

Moving is an adjustment and I’ve done a lot of it, despite my hatred for it. The cat has moved three times; this is the dog’s first. It’s unsettling. It doesn’t help that I’m living in Male’s room, sleeping in Male’s bed, answering your comments on Male’s desktop perched on Male’s desk while Male’s TV plays background noise through Male’s Playstation. Although, really, it doesn’t feel much like his room or his stuff anymore. Sometimes, the thought strikes me that he’s gone and I’m in his place, but it’s fleeting and very occasional. It’s now my place, but that feels just as weird.

So, yeah, reading and writing. I wonder how much of it I will do once I get settled since I also need to download all my CDs, study math and play lots of video games. I guess we’ll see. Probably the first thing I need to do is locate the book I’m supposed to currently be reading.