Guest Post: Adventures of an American Girl in America, by Fish of Gold

The earliest known map of north America from 1540. Image from

I wrote another guest post for Fibot at Adventures Of An Aussie Girl In London. It’s sort of a love letter to America. Go read.

Almost English

Continuing on the Guest Post series on Aussie Girl Adventures, it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Fish of Gold. Goldfish is another of my favourite bloggers. This girl has seen some s**t in her time and isn’t afraid to talk about it.

I love her posts because on the one hand, depending on her subject of choice, they can be heart-wrenching, honest, raw and eye-opening and on the other they can be hilarious, fun, whimsical and awe-inspiring.

She uses her experience to raise awareness of things we should be aware of and she uses her wit, humour and ninja-like writing skills to entertain. If you don’t already follow Fish of Gold I highly recommend you check her out.

But before you do, please read on as she graces Adventures of an Aussie Girl in London with a tale of America and what we travellers might find there…


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