An Interview With My Alter Ego

This week’s Prompt For The Promptless is about alter ego:

The Alter Ego, in Latin, literally means “Second I” or “Second Self”.  It can refer to an opposite side to the personality within someone, or a counterpart like a trusted friend.

I’ve decided to combine this prompt with today’s Daily Post prompt,”Interview your favorite fictional character.”  I’m going to interview my alter ego. Please, give a warm welcome to the anti-Goldfish.

goldfish Hello, Alter Ego. My, you’re very dark.
goldfishinverted I’m an inverted version of you, so, yeah.
goldfish Your eyes are something else. Kind of on the creepy side. You don’t look quite
how I expected you to look.
 goldfishinverted How did you expect me to look?
 goldfish Not quite so creepy, stalker, serial killer really.
 goldfishinverted Whatever. Anything else?
 goldfish So, what do you do, Anti? What are your hobbies?
 goldfishinverted I destroy things and torture animals in my free time.
 goldfish What? That’s terrible!
 goldfishinverted Whatever you do, I do the opposite, remember? That’s how this works.
 goldfish Geez, don’t we have anything in common?
 goldfishinverted No, not really. We’re sort of shaped the same I suppose.
 goldfish Well, that’s something. Don’t you love our fins? Don’t you just love swishing
 goldfishinverted No. I hate that. You like that.
 goldfish Well, what do you like?
 goldfishinverted I like going to the dentist, sitting in traffic, waiting in line, rude people, that
Musak they play when you’re on hold for hours. Lots of stuff.
 goldfish Eww. How could you like any of that? Those things are awful.
 goldfishinverted Simple. You hate them, so I love them.
 goldfish You like… Cormac McCarthy?
 goldfishinverted Love him. The Road is the best book ever written.
 goldfish Noooooooo!
 goldfishinverted I like what you hate. I hate what you like. We are complete opposites.
 goldfish Well, even exact opposites should be able to find some common ground. Hey,
are you hungry?
 goldfishinverted Starving.
 goldfish Let’s go order a pizza with half black olives and Italian sausage, and half green
peppers and onions.
 goldfishinverted Deal.

Now that I’ve hung out with my alter ego, there’s no way I’d call her my “favorite” fictional character.