The Wedding Party

Well, that was a beautiful ceremony.

It ought to be for as much as it cost us.

And the reception is lovely, too.

I should hope so.

Oh, stop. Please, try to enjoy this.

All I can say is, this fella better treat her right
or he’ll have some explaining to do.

She looks so beautiful.
Can’t you be happy for her?

I am very happy for her…
as long as she stays happy.

The way you talk you’d think they hadn’t
been dating for three years already.

This is my only daughter’s wedding.
I’m worried about her.

But you’re missing the best part.

If the wedding is the best part of marriage,
we’re all in trouble.

Go dance with your daughter.



This was written for the Weekly Challenge Playing With Space. I was supposed to write a poem, but I think we can all be thankful that I didn’t. 🙂