I Am The Most Awesome Fish In The Land Bwahaha

Alright, seriously folks, don’t you realize how lazy I am? In the last week or so, I’ve gotten 5 awards. I know I rule and all, but really, this is too much. I love you, too.


Merber74 at Knocked Over By A Feather, The Lone Shewolf at The Lone SheWolf and Josefkul at Kul World all nominated me as a very inspiring blogger. Thanks!

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  • Share 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate some other blogs

Does that mean I have to come up with 21 facts and 45 nominations?? Eesh.  I’ll try to come up with 21 facts.

  1. I am listening to classical music this morning until my brain thaws.
  2. Vivaldi specifically.
  3. Tito Manlio, RV 778, Act I: Combatta un gentil cor, even more specifically.
  4. I like Vivaldi.
  5. I am drinking from a 20 ounce cup filled with pure black joy called coffee.
  6. I bring 40 ounces of coffee to work with me every day and that’s all I’m allowed to drink.
  7. If I didn’t bring coffee with me, I’d drink it all day.
  8. I try to forget that we have coffee available at work all day. I pretend the coffee at work is terrible so I won’t drink it.
  9. I just had a cigarette. Quitting smoking is really hard.
  10. A dog just barked in the office and it startled me.
  11. Now I’m listening to Tchaikovsky.
  12. Symphony No. 4 – 4th movement – Finale: Allegro con fuoco.
  13. It’s gorgeous. I love Tchaikovsky.
  14. I have all of my classical music on random shuffle.
  15. I’m not listening to it in order, which is probably wrong, but I don’t care.
  16. The only bone I’ve ever broken was a pinky toe, which I’ve broken twice and now it dislocates all the time.
  17. I have to pull it out and mash it back into place. It’s rather unpleasant.
  18. It usually dislocates during sex. Sexy.
  19. I have always had bad vision, which contrary to all logic, is getting better as I age.
  20. I have a shoe buying problem. Last weekend, I bought two more pairs of shoes that I don’t really need.
  21. Unlike the last 5 out of 6 posts, this one will not mention my dog (other than to tell you that I’m not mentioning my dog).


Not Quite Alice at My Rabbit Holes gave me the Versatile blogger award. Thanks!

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Seven more things? Good grief.

  1. I’m listening to Vivaldi again.
  2. Concerto for Strings in G major, RV 151, “Alla Rustica”
  3. I like strings.
  4. I would love to learn how to play violin.
  5. I almost bought a violin not too long ago but I was afraid it would be hard to learn and I would lose interest and it would sit there unloved.
  6. I’m hungry and would love some chocolate cake.
  7. I have long hair now and I’m not quite sure when that happened.


Twindaddy at Stuph Blog nominated me for this. Thanks! He said, “I expect theatrics in your acceptance post.” I think I’m a little spent for theatrics, but I’ll try. I think he keeps nominating me for awards so I keep having to do these silly posts.

  • Link back to the blogger who nominated you
  • Paste the award image on your blog, anywhere
  • Share 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate some other blogs

More seven things…

  1. Now I’m listening to Prokofiev.
  2. Sym No.5, Op.100: Allegro Marcato
  3. Prokofiev was my first introduction to classical music. Peter and The MotherEffin Wolf, baby. Love.
  4. I am not a big fan of theatrics or theater.
  5. Especially musicals. I really hate musicals.
  6. Unless they have Fred and Ginger in them. I love the old Hollywood musicals.
  7. My mom is a huge fan of old movies and got me into them. It’s one of the few things we bond over. We both have a crush on Cary Grant.

That’s enough things, dammit. Now for the nominations. I’m not doing a billion nominations like I did a billion facts. I’m going to do 15ish and y’all can pick which award you’d like (or not). I’m nominating some recent additions of the fishbowl who have made fun, insightful, creative or supportive comments. Thanks!






Not Quite Alice

braith an’ lithe

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Caron Eastgate Dann


Is that 15? I have no idea. Counting is for sissies. And to everyone who has followed and commented here, thanks! You always make my day.