Out Of Town

060205-TeignmouthOutOfTownSignI am at the moment. I’m writing this on my phone, which is a first. I don’t much like it. Writing on my phone or being out of town.

I’m fairly sedentary. I’ve lived in three different states as an adult, but somehow that’s different. Packing up all your crap and conquering a new city is a different scenario than just taking a plane somewhere to visit.

I’m sleeping at a strange house in a strange blowup mattress. Two mornings in a row, I’ve woken up in a bit of a panic not knowing where I am and having plenty of legroom with the absence of my animals. It’s not a particularly nice feeling.

I hate being an imposition, too.  Using up all of someone’s hot water, dirtying towels, drinking up the coffee and just generally being all up in someone else’s space. This is why, whenever possible, I prefer hotels.

It’s cold here. I don’t know where I am really. You could kick me out of this house right now (without my cell phone with GPS) and I’d really have no idea where to go.

The worst part of being out of town is that I miss my dog terribly. This is the longest we’ve been apart. Apparently, she doesn’t like it much either. Yesterday, around the time I normally get home from work, she started pacing in front of the door, whining. Sadface.

it’s nice to get out of the familiar once in a while, but I can’t wait to get back home. Adieu until Tuesday, my friends.