Twit, Part II, The Finale

I failed. I was supposed to write a sentence a day on Twitter. One measly sentence of only 140 characters. Could I manage it? Hell no. I should have known I was being overly optimistic when I started it. I managed 19 sentences over as many days and that’s all she wrote.

Part of the problem is that I just don’t like Twitter. I don’t really understand its appeal to be perfectly honest. Then again, I don’t understand the appeal of most social media. The only reason I am on Facebook is that, these days, it’s the only place to get invitations to things. Nobody sends out email invites anymore. It’s all done on the Facebook. I wouldn’t even have a chance to balk at attending parties I’ll probably flake on at the last moment since I wouldn’t even know about them.

Anyway, my point is that I felt skeevy for being on Twitter. I don’t want to follow anyone really, least of all people I don’t even know.  I barely care about what my actual friends are up to, let alone complete strangers. I would go on Twitter, compose my sentence and leave. That was my entire interaction with it.

I give up. Gladly. Without any sense of shame or remorse, for the Twitter is awful and I really want no part of it. Though, it’s not entirely true that I have no sense of shame. I do feel a twinge that I wasn’t even able to make the whole sentence a day thing for a month. I barely made it over half a month. I am a big failure. Again.

Oh well. My daily sentences were ridiculous anyway. If I’m going to make myself write something every day, I’d prefer to write something meaningful rather than complete nonsense.

I’m not even going to make a pretense of trying to write a sentence a day anymore. I’m closing down the Twitter. I’ll leave it there, but it will most likely lay fallow for years like the last time I briefly took an interest in Twitter. I hope none of my handful of followers will be too terribly unhappy or disappointed with me. I’m sure there is plenty else out there to read. I just don’t want to be constrained by 140 characters.

And fuck Twitter.

For posterity, here are screencaps of my pathetic little tweets: