Show And Tell

It’s show and tell day here at Fish Of Gold. Everyone has to bring something in to show the rest of the class and discuss it.

Y’all know I’m a writer, and a quite talented one at that, but did you know that I’m also an artist? I know! I am absolutely amazing! I am a renaissance woman! Anyway, I thought I’d share with you, my favorite people on earth, some of the illustrations I’ve done. Most of the time, I just lazily Photoshop stuff together, but every once in a while, I actually put some effort into something. Some of these you’ve already seen (if you’ve been paying attention) like our friendly goldfish up there, but others are world premiering on this blog!

The nether regions of my 70 Skylark. Meticulously drawn in Illustrator from the post Luxury.
A header I did for a blog I used to have with a friend of mine found in the post Drat & Blast.
The amphibious anatinus bob in the wild from the post Well-Known Facts: World Record Mammal Edition.
A fearful mouse drawn in less than 5 minutes from the post Of Mice And Memory.
Happy mouse (created in 30 seconds) also from the previous post.
An illustration of my dog even though she doesn’t have a dog house and my yard is not that nice.
A pink werewolf as commonly seen in nature.
A cephalopod.
A gorilla. Probably silverback.
A self-portrait from when I had pink hair and no facial features.
Another self-portrait. I look exactly like this with a giant head, a tiny, long neck, and massive eyebulbs. It might as well be a picture. Exactly. Like. That.

Well, that’s just about all we have time for today since I don’t have much more stored on this computer and I forgot to look for more at home last night. I just realized, looking at these all together, that I do have a pretty distinctive (read: juvenile) style all unto myself.  I used to paint and draw, but I just don’t have the space nor really the inclination for it these days. I mostly just doodle on the computer like all of the above. Although, I have recently started playing with clay. It’s fun and I suck at it.

What are your creative outlets? I know that Vince makes music and Douglas makes lamps; what do y’all do to get your creative on?  Who’s next up for Show and Tell?