Mr. Frank C Bishop has inspired me to create a post of current writing projects and where I am with them. What I’ve come to love about NaNoWriMo is the tangible progress. I love updating my word count and seeing what comes of it, like so:

Granted, my stats are fairly dismal, but still, it’s nice to see progress. I do love charts and graphs so. In the spirit of progress and keeping a fire under my butt to finish things, here are my current writing projects.


No title yet. This is the book I’m writing for NaNoWriMo as shown in the chart above. 15,299 words, about halfway completed.

Tales of a Teenage Crackhead

Working title of my autobiography. 167,929 words. Completed, but desperately needs revision. That’s far too many words about oneself.

The Big Book of Make-Believe Holidays

Working title for a children’s book. 2736 words. Chapter outline done. Three chapters started, but not even close to finished.


No title yet. 22,491 words. A continuation of a short story I started on this blog. Instead of writing an outline, I started chapters. This has nine inchoate chapters written with a lot more detail to be added on each. I still need to choose a denouement and ending; At last check, I had three possible conclusions.

Life In The Hub

16,194 words. A continuation of a short story I started on this blog. I have no outline for this; I’m just winging it. I need to figure out where the story is going.

Negative World

A comic book. Two issues completed out of an estimated 60 total. It has a very complete outline with plots, subplots, character sketches, design, et al. It just needs to be written and drawn.

Negative World Novel

No title yet. This is a companion piece to the comic that I started and may or may not turn into another series. 26,222 words.


There are 32 drafts on this blog and 138 files in the “writing” folder on my laptop. I’m far too lazy to go through them all now. Some of them are original or alternate drafts of things that are posted on this blog. The rest, probably half of them, are short stories that I started and never finished, or just snippets or ideas that I never did anything with. I have no idea what some of these things even are. For example, this was in a file called “untitled”:

“How much?” he asked, trying to hide the hesitation in his voice.
“Well, it really depends on what you want; full service or a quickie.”
“Here we go,” he though. “This is where I get ripped off.”
“How long’s it been?” she asked.
“A long time. Probably close to a year.”
“Oh, that’s bad.  That’s really bad. In that case, I’d suggest the full service. Relax. We’re the best.”
“Yeah, but I don’t have the money for full service probably.”
“You need to take care of it. If you don’t, eventually, it’s likely to not work for you anymore. You can’t just let these things go for a year.”
“I know, I know.  I just don’t have the money.”
“Well, if you don’t have the money, there’s little we can do for you.”

I think it had something to do with getting a car serviced.

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