When is it acceptable to kill?

I subscribe to the survival theory of killing. Self-defense and self-preservation are two entirely acceptable reasons to take a life. Some may argue that taking life is morally questionable regardless of circumstance, that there is never a good enough reason, but I think there are exceptions. If you come at me with a sword, axe, lance, halberd, flail or club, screaming bloody murder, and there’s a gun in my hand, you will be shot before the mace has a chance to embed in my skull.

If it’s you versus me, I will always root for me. If my life is on the line, you can bet that I will do everything in my power to keep it. If that means killing others, then so be it. It’s instinctive. Every living thing has this drive. Plants grow towards the sun. Animals adapt to incredibly harsh living conditions. Humans have evolved thumbs. It’s all part of the fight to survive.

Admittedly, living in the first world as I do, writing this on a computer on a comfortable chair in a climate controlled building, my life is rarely ever on the line unless I’m driving in rush hour traffic. The number of times I really honest to bog thought I would die can probably be counted on all my fingers and toes. Lucky for me, fights to the death are not regular occurrences. However, as non-death defying as my life tends to be, that instinct is in there. At the basest level, every living thing has the will to survive above all else. Even if we don’t think about it or use it, it’s there.

Humans sometimes forget, because we can drive cars and use computers and shop at grocery stores, that we are a part of the food chain like every other living thing. Just because we sit at the top of the food chain, that doesn’t mean we’re not a part of it. We are food just like every other living thing. As an animal, my instinct for survival exists just as much as my dog’s, even if hers might be a little keener than mine since she eats bugs. I won’t resort to eating bugs until everything else is gone, but I would, if it was necessary for my survival.

While I don’t condone nor recommend killing, there are circumstances where it is necessary. Consider yourself fortunate if you never have to worry about surviving in a kill or be killed sort of way. If killing for survival remains hypothetical, you are very lucky indeed.