10 Things I Hate Part 7: Haiku Edition

Haiku versions of
10 Things I Hate Part 7

Remixing the hate:

  • Tax breaks for parents
    Cutting work when the mood strikes
    Breeders get it all
  • Tiny seats, stale air
    It takes far too long to fly
    Airports really suck
  • I loaned you a book
    You must have read it by now
    Give it back to me
  • I don’t want to hear
    Your stupid garage band play
    They are surely crap
  • Tell me the truth, please
    I did ask your opinion
    That means I want it
  • Ode to useless hair
    All that work on your behalf
    Why do you exist?
  • Pull your pants up, please
    I don’t want to see your butt
    You are in public
  • Girls, just so you know
    Skinny jeans do not really
    Make you look skinny
  • Please ask permission
    Before you go touching me
    I’m not on display
  • Positive thinking –
    You should not get a trophy
    Just for showing up