Would I Want To Live Forever?

Or a picture of Oscar Wilde.

I might, but it depends on the circumstances. Am I a vampire where I have to feed off human blood and not be in the sunlight ever? Would I have a picture that ages instead of Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray?

Or a picture of Oscar Wilde.
Or a picture of Oscar Wilde.

Would I continue aging so that I’m forever stuck in a 900 year old body with the inevitable infirmities that come with living? Is there some sort of trade-off? If any of that is the case, then no, I wouldn’t want to live forever.

However, if we’re just talking about eliminating the fear and possibility of death, then maybe. I might not mind the chance to do things again and again until I got them right. I might like to see humanity evolve past superstition and intolerance. I might like to see humans stop killing each other over the same. If I were to live forever, I might even be able to sway humanity towards our better qualities and away from the bad, but perhaps that’s just wishful thinking.

Perhaps living forever would simply entail watching humanity destroy itself over and over again, and be powerless to stop it. Perhaps eternal life would only lead to seeing more of the evil that exists in the world on a larger scale. Perhaps I’m giving the human race too much credit. Perhaps humanity is a dying concept. In addition to describing the state of being human, the noun humanity also means humaneness and benevolence. This definition of humanity seems hardly to apply to humans at all these days.

Either the human race will destroy itself and everything else by its own ignorance, shortsightedness and greed, or it will eventually wise up and realize that all humans are basically the same. We all essentially have the same genetic building blocks and this hatred, killing and intolerance of which we are so fond is like cutting off our noses to spite our faces. Maybe, on a long enough time line, humanity can evolve past our own idiocy and make that noun actually mean something again. Either way, I think I might like to see that. I’ll sit in the back row with a tub of popcorn and a soda, and watch the show. Sign me up.

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