5 Things I'm Looking Forward to This Week


Boooo. Another list prompt. Besides the fact that they inspire little actual writing, this prompt in and of itself is teh suck since I’m unemployed and have little to look forward to at all, let alone this week. So, per usual, I’ll just make some shit up.


Conversations with Doppelgangers
There’s nothing quite like traveling through spacetime and running into a doppelganger from another dimension. Shit is freaky. I wouldn’t recommend getting too close though, since it could warp the spacetime fabric. You can carry on a conversation from afar, but they will probably be very confused to see you since, unlike you, they’re just trying to carry out the business of their day, and instead, they run into you.

Astral Projection
Astral projection has all the fun of spacetime travel without all that pesky leaving your house bit. You can fly about the universe peeping in on the happenings without even leaving the comfort of your sofa. You are safe from boreworms or parasitic viruses since you’re not actually there. It does have some drawbacks though. You can’t actually eat anything or give a high five should the need arise.

Surfing Black Holes
If you’ve never surfed a black hole, you are seriously missing out. Imagine the biggest, finest tunnel waves you’ve ever seen and then take away gravity. There’s nothing else like it. Although, you may want to astral project your first time since, if you go too far into the wave, you’ll end up on the other side. You don’t want to end up on the other side.

Exploring Dark Matter
Ah, dark matter. Is there anything more interesting in the universe? We haven’t even really figured out what it is yet. It’s dark and transparent at the same time! How about them apples? 80% of the universe doesn’t even exist in a traditional, matter-having sense. Be careful of the radiation though. if you get a hole in your suit, you’re done for.

Traversable Wormholes
Go on. Take a shortcut through spacetime. I dare you. Who knows where you’ll end up. It’s the crap shoot of cosmology. Well, that is, unless you take a safe and boring Krasnikov tube. You might even run into a planet of your very own doppelgangers.

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