Throwback Thursday: Inappropriate Comment Syndrome

It’s Throwback Thursday over at Part-Time Monster where we link up a post that’s at least 30 days old. Well, my dears, FOG has been around since 2009, so I have a ridiculous amount of material to choose from. Instead of looking for something 30 days old, I went searching for something written on March 3rd. Strangely, I’ve written a lot of posts in March, but very few on March 3rd. So, without further ado, I bring you a post about my terrible negotiating skills that is exactly three years old today. Happy birthday, little post.

Fish Of Gold

I was just reading a post over at Becky Says Things about her terrible problem with verbal diarrhea, the poor dear.

I don’t really have that problem, unless I’ve been drinking and then I cannot shut the fuck up, like, ever. A drunk Goldfish is a garrulous, prolix and prattlingly inane Goldfish. Sometimes, a huggy Goldfish. Sometimes, a pukey Goldfish. But mainly an annoying Goldfish. Y’all are very lucky I don’t really drink anymore.

Anyway, when sober, I don’t have verbal diarrhea. I suffer from an altogether different affliction: Inappropriate Comment Syndrome. I’m a blurter. I blurt things out that may or may not be germane to the conversation or anything at all really. They may seem like non sequiturs to those around me, but to me, my comments make perfect sense.

Just last night, we had some people over and we had a rousing conversation about something. I excused myself to go…

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