Nano Poblano Blog Hop Story 2015

Yup, we’re doing it again, Peppers. It’s time for another round of the Nano Poblano Blog Hop Story! Don’t groan at me now; we’re just getting started. Wait until it’s over.

Last year, I had the enormous brainfart to start a story and pass it around to all the people participating in Team Nano Poblano for NaBloWriMo. I asked people to contribute a line or two to the story and pass it on to another Pepper. I expected it to die a short and quick death, but with only a few minor snags, we kept the thing going all month long and wrote a ridiculous 6000 words. If you’d like to see last year’s monstrosity, click here.

If you get tagged, don’t panic! There is no pressure here. Even if you don’t write fiction, I’m sure you can come up with a line or two to add. I have faith in you. It’s not about the end results (I’ve been trying to get last year’s story published and all I’ve gotten are angry glares); it’s about teamwork and fun. Plus, it’s one less post you have to worry about writing something and that’s always a win.

All I ask is that you pass it along in a timely manner. You can choose not to participate, but if you do, please, pass it along to someone else right away; don’t let it die a slow death at your hands.

In the spirit of laziness and my absolute lack of time for anything fun this year, I didn’t get around to designing a new Blog Hop badge this year, so I present last year’s badge, which I smartly didn’t put a date on:


Nano Poblano Blog Hop Basics:

  1. Wait until you are tagged, then add a new post on your blog with these rules, the story so far, and who’s been tagged.
  2. Title and tag the post as Nano Poblano Blog Hop Story 2015.
  3. Add at least one sentence to the story.
  4. Pick another Pepper from the blogroll to tag (preferably one who hasn’t already been tagged).
  5. Add a link to your chosen Pepper’s about page (so they get a notification that they’ve been tagged) to the tagged list below.
  6. Pass the story along within two days of getting tagged.

The Story:

Eli stumbled into the compartment, flush and out of breath, and took the only available seat next to an old woman and a child. After months of planning, he suddenly had a bad feeling about this and stood right back up again, but at the same time, the train started moving.


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