Cryptid Calendar: Vote For Your Favorites!

I asked y’all for suggestions as to what to draw the other day and have decided to completely ignore your responses… for now. Instead, I’m working on another calendar:  The Cryptid Calendar! These are the critters I’ve done so far (most of which I already had lying around):

cerberus chupacabra Dragon rainbow-serpent Unicorn Yeti jackalope ghost-deer

That’s eight! Based on my advanced mathematical skillz, that means I’m only missing four months! Woot.

So, which cryptids should I draw to finish the calendar?

I put together a list, which I turned into a poll, so you can vote. The four with the most votes will go on my crytid calendar. If I did it right, you’re allowed four choices per person, so go vote for your favorites!  You’re also welcome to write in your own answer if I forgot one.