10 Bands You’ve Probably Never Heard: The Letter I


I have a very large, diverse music collection. This is the series where I share with you some great bands that should be more famous. This post contains bands that start with the letter I (according to my iTunes anyway).

That's a lot.
That’s a lot.


Ooh, Igorrr is delightfully strange. I’m not quite sure what to make of him, but I’m a fan of his particular brand of weird. I like music that can’t be easily classified.

Origin: France
Experimental, breakcore, baroque, trip hop, grindcore
Years active: 2005–present

Infernal Overdrive

Another band from my favorite record label, Small Stone. These guys sound as if they just stepped out of the 70s. If you like 70s rock, you’ll like them.

Origin: New Jersey, USA
Genre: stoner rock, hard rock
Years active: 2012–present


And while we’re on the subject of Small Stone, here’s another from their stables. I love these guys and wish they’d put out another album. This one is from 2008.

Origin: Salt Lake City, Utah
Genre: stoner rock, psychedelic rock, hard rock
Years active: 2002–present


IQ has been around forever or since the 80s (whichever came first), yet they’ve never had a big following. It’s a shame since they’re one of the few bands of the era to survive, and with good reason.

Origin: UK
progressive rock, neo-progressive
Years active: 1980–present

Iron Mtn

Iron Mtn only have one album with five songs. They have the least amount of music of any band I’ve featured. I want more, because they’re damn good.

Origin: Los Angeles, USA
stoner rock, stoner metal, doom metal, psychedelic rock
Years Active: 2012-present


I haven’t heard anything from them in a while, so I’m not sure if they’re still together. They were hella fun when they were making music though. I apologize for the swearing in the song, but it’s worth it.

Origin: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
  Hard rock, garage rock
Years Active: 2000–?

Ironhorse (Call Of The Void)

They changed their name to Call of the Void for some reason, but I have them under IRONHORSE, so they’re in I. Good heavy stuff.

Origin: Boulder, Colorado, USA
sludge, grind, stoner metal
Years Active: 2010–present


The band was formerly known as Gandhi’s Gunn. I really wish these bands would stop changing their names. It confuses my iTunes. Well, no matter the name, it’s good stuff.

Origin: Genova, Italy
hard rock, stoner rock, stoner metal
Years Active: 2006-2013 (hiatus)


Oooh, Isis–the band, not the terrorists. I love this band and I have ever since their first album. I saw one of their first ever shows since I lived in Boston at the time. Some of their songs are monstrously loud while others are more in the post-rock vein. Whatever they do, it’s good. They broke up in 2010, but I’m hoping they’ll come back for more. They’re too good not to.

Origin: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
post metal, post rock, sludge
Years Active: 1997–2010

It’s Not Night: It’s Space

I admit checking them out because of their band name. I’m a fan of bands that can’t be confused with others. INNIS, as they’re called, is great instrumental rock.

Origin: New Paltz, New York, USA
post metal, progressive rock, instrumental
Years Active: 2010–present

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