Q & A With My iTunes Library Part 7


Q & A With My iTunes Library is where I answer questions asked by songs in my music library with other songs in my music library. First, I searched my library for questions and came up with a list. Then, for each question, I hit the shuffle button and the first track is the answer.

Q: This first question comes from Bad Religion. They ask What It Is?

A: Well, that’s sort of a question I suppose, even though the grammar is very Yoda. Our answer comes from Drive-By Truckers. They say Daylight is what it is.

That’s reasonable.

Q: James Brown asks Tell Me What I Did Wrong.

A: Hank Williams III says it’s Thunderstorms & Neon Signs, James.

I don’t think it’s fair to blame him for thunderstorms, Hank III.

Q: Our next question comes from Nine Inch Nails. They ask You Know What You Are?

A: Torche says they are Harmonslaught.

OK, Torche, whatever that is.

Q: David Bowie wants to know What’s Really Happening?

Well, David, I think you’re pretty happening, but let’s ask the library.

A: Year Long Disaster says Cold Killer is really happening.

Geez. I hope not.

Q: GWAR has a question. They want to know Where Is Zog?

A: Tom Waits says that Zog is Down, Down, Down.

I don’t where that is exactly, Gwar, but look there.

Q: The Rolling Stones want to know Who’s Driving Your Plane?

I don’t have a plane, Rolling Stones. Maybe someone does.

A: The Blasters say I Don’t Want To.

Well, I don’t want to either, Blasters, but someone’s got to drive your plane I think.

Q: The Cure want to know Why Can’t I Be You?

A: Sigur Ros says Gong.

I’m not sure what that means, Sigur Ros.

Q: Moby asks Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?

I’m sorry to hear that, Moby. Let’s find you an answer.

A: The Rolling Stones are chiming in again with Congratulations.

That’s not a very nice answer, Rolling Stones.


Well, that’s about all we have time for today. Until next time…

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