Nano Poblano Blog Hop Story

This is a new thing I’m starting this year. We’ll see how it goes. It’s kind of like a game of telephone, but with a story. There are a lot of new faces this year and I’m hoping this will help us to get to know each other.

The Gist:

I’m going to begin a story and tag another Nano Poblano team member. The tagged Pepper will write a few sentences (at least two, please), and pass it on to another Pepper. Repeat until November ends.

I thought I’d start with a softball and pass it to someone who writes fiction. My first victim pick is the talented and lovely Ms. Jackie P.

At the end of the post, I’ve added my blog’s about page link and a link to Jackie’s about page, so we can keep track of who’s been tagged already. Please link to about pages, not main blog pages, so the person tagged gets a notification.

Ideally, I’d like all the Peppers to participate. We may have to be tagged more than once, but please, only tag previously tagged bloggers after everyone’s been tagged once.

To find a Pepper to pass to, check out Mark’s blog roll. By the end of the month, the story should end up back here, so we can all see what happened to it. Hopefully, we can keep the story going all month. Please, pass the story along in timely manner (within a day or so).

If you’re really uncomfortable with the concept, you can pass, but I would love it if all the Peppers participate, even if you don’t normally write fiction. It’s two little sentences! Besides, it’s one less post you have to come up with something to write about.

Don’t stress about it or over-think it. Just write the first thing that pops to mind. We’re not trying to create award-winning literature here (though that would be nice–someone give us an award.). Most importantly, have fun!

Ready? Here we go!


Nano Poblano Blog Hop Basics:

  1. Add a new post on your blog with these rules, the story so far, and who’s been tagged.
  2. Title and tag the post as Nano Poblano Blog Hop Story.
  3. Add at least two sentences to the story.
  4. Pick another Pepper to tag (preferably one who hasn’t already been tagged).
  5. Add a link to your chosen Pepper’s about page to the Tagged list below.

The Story:

Edward walked into the hotel lobby just as the sun began to light up the city. He dragged a large, heavy trunk to the reception desk and rang the bell.

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