Flashback: Shroooooms.

I’m pressed for time and not feeling particularly inspired, so it’s time for another Flashback Reblog from the fishbowl archives about the last time I did psychedelic mushrooms.

Disclaimer: this post is not meant to serve as encouragement to do drugs. Don’t do drugs, kids. Drugs are bad, mkay?

Fish Of Gold

As I’ve probably already detailed somewhere in this here blog, I have an affinity for teh drugs. I like them. Sometimes too much. Especially uppers of any variety, which is why I stay away from them altogether as much as possible.

But there are certain drugs which pose little to no issues to my addictive nature. Mushrooms are one of them. They couldn’t exactly be considered an upper; they’re more in the downer/hallucinogen category, which makes them safe for me. There’s little chance that I could become addicted (I can’t even imagine trying to work on mushrooms), so they pose little threat. Also, I prefer taking them with other people since I would imagine that I would freak myself out too much if I were to do them alone. One needs partners in crime for that sort of thing.

Mushrooms are an event. They’re not something you just take for…

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