Guest Post: Monsters

I’m guest posting over at The Sisterwives today. Go check it out and support this awesome new blog.

The SisterWives

I’m introducing this post, because this blogger, Goldfish, is very dear to my heart. She is courageous in ways that go beyond words. She walks through this world, with her head held high and her arms ready to hold those who suffered the way she did.She writes these painful words only in the hopes that she might save someone. 

And through everything she has endured, she has managed to maintained her humanity and a sense of humor. She’s a blogging bad ass and I admire her so very, very much. And I don’t tell her enough. So, I’m saying it here. 


Trigger warning: This post contains sexual and physical abuse.


Of all the useless mental exercises my brain does without asking, the most futile, besides being terrified of pantsless clowns or trying to pronounce French words, is the what if game. I can trace most of my sordid, barely…

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