10 Bands You’ve Probably Never Heard: The Letter D

I have a very large, diverse music collection. This is the series where I share with you some great bands that should be more famous. This post contains bands that start with the letter D (according to my iTunes).

Death Grips

I’ve described Death Grips as one half brilliant hardcore hip hop and one half “crazy guy who talks to himself outside the liquor store put out his own tape and is trying to make you listen to it so you’ll buy it for $2 and he can go get himself a forty ounce of fine malt liquor.”

I think it’s pretty accurate description. This is my favorite track by Death Grips and it totally rocks da house.

Origin: Sacramento, California
hip-hop, rap, experimental hip hop
Years active: 2010–2014

Death In Vegas

It’s hard to pigeonhole this band into one genre or another since they’re all over the place, but I’m rather partial to their more ambient stuff like the track above from their first album.

Origin: London, England
psychedelic rock, electronica, neo-psychedelia, alternative rock, trip hop
Years active: 1994–present

The Deluxtone Rockets

A band from my home state. Yay! These guys produce some pretty awesome swing music. They have a brass section. I’m a sucker for a brass section. Every song makes you want to boogie.

Origin: Muskegon, Michigan
swing, rockabilly, swing revival
Years active: 1996–2001, 2008–present


The lead singer for this band used to be in Coal Chamber, which I pretty much always hated (along with everything else labeled “nu metal”), so I’m not sure why I gave DD a try, but I did. They’re way better than Coal Chamber (and, no, they’re not 12 as the video would lead you to believe).

Origin: Santa Barbara, California
metal, groove metal, melodic death metal
Years active: 2002 – present

The Devil Makes Three

Upright bass and banjo… cannot resist. I’m not sure they’re very good at math since there are three members, and if you add the devil, that actually makes four, although, maybe they mean one of the three is the devil. Devil or not, right here’s some mighty fine a-pickin’ and a-singin’.

Origin: Santa Cruz, California
bluegrass, Americana
Years Active: 2002-Present

Dixie Witch

Oooh, Dixie Witch rock. This is another band on my favorite record label, Small Stone. Just go out and buy the entire Small Stone catalog and you won’t regret it.

Origin: Texas
southern rock, stoner rock
Years Active: 1999-Present

Don Drummond

Don Drummond was the best damn trombone player who ever lived besides maybe Rico. He was an original member of The Skatalites and also had a solo career. Unfortunately, he died at the age of 37.

Origin: Kingston, Jamaica
Years Active: 1950-1965


Dozer is one of my favorite bands. All of their music is just awesome, so I had a difficult time picking only one track. I just picked the only one I could actually find a video for. Seriously, the list of Dozer songs that I have rated five stars doesn’t even fit on one page:

Picture 1

If you like this song, go get their albums. You won’t be disappointed.

Origin: Borlänge, Sweden
stoner rock, stoner metal
Years Active: 1995–present

The Drams

The Drams is what became of another of my favorite bands, Slobberbone, after they broke up. It’s three members of Slobberbone with a couple of new members. I’m not quite as fond of The Drams as I was of Slobberbone, but they’re still damn awesome.

Origin: Denton, Texas
alt-country, southern rock
Years Active: 2005–present

Drive-By Truckers

DBT is a band of storytellers. Some of their members, Patterson Hood and Jason Isbell, have produced some great solo albums, but I think they’re best together. The song above is more representative of the band, but this is my favorite.

Origin: Athens, Georgia
alt-country, southern rock
Years Active: 1996–present

More bands you’ve never heard.