Flashback: Public Service Announcement

I can’t think of anything to write about today since yesterday’s Supreme Court decision melted my brain. Also, I finally have my day in court for the traffic ticket I wrote about in Screw You, Cindy Lou, nearly a year after it happened. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to rant about tomorrow, but today, I’ve got nothing.

I have over five years of blogging under my belt and none of you were here to read it at the beginning, so I’m going to start a new thing where I reblog one of my ancient posts that I think should get more attention.

This is a funny and true story of excessive drinking. It’s one of my favorite posts on this blog. Enjoy.

Fish Of Gold

I live in Los Angeles.  Living in Los Angeles means that, inevitably, I know people who work in the entertainment industry, the poor saps.  A friend of mine worked on a music video for D-12 called 40 oz. where they built a giant stage out of malt liquor bottles.  In this public service announcement, D-12 sings “pour the 40 out!” and can clearly be seen pouring malt liquor from bottles, thereby implying that it should not be imbibed and is, in fact, evil.  The result of days of labor by untold people, including my friend, and the countless 40 oz. bottles who gave their lives to educate the public on the dangers of malt liquor can be seen here for those so inclined.

Picture 2 Screenshot from D12’s PSA.

The members of D-12 are from Detroit. I am from Detroit. Is it merely a coincidence? Yes.

Anyway, after D-12’s video addressing the…

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