Q & A With My iTunes Library Part 5

Q & A With My iTunes Library is where I answer questions asked by songs in my music library with other songs in my music library. First, I searched my library for questions and came up with a list. Then, for each question, I hit the shuffle button and the first track is the answer.

Q: This first question comes from Black Label Society. They would like to know What’s In You?

A: And the answer comes from the Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls soundtrack from the artist Stu Phillips. Stu says Murder On The Beach is in you.

I can’t find this particular song on Youtube, but here’s the Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls theme.

That’s a very Albert Camus answer, Stu.

Q: David Bowie wants to know Can You Hear Me?

Loud and clear, Mr. B, but let’s ask the library.

A: The Sub Hum Ans say I Don’t Wanna Die.

I’m not sure that’s really an appropriate answer to the question, but thanks for playing. I don’t wanna d-d-d-d-die either.

Q: Our next question comes from Guttermouth. They want to know Can I Borrow Some Ambition?

I don’t have any to spare, but maybe the library does.

A: Boris says Electric. Boris is a Japanese band, so maybe there’s a language barrier thing here since that doesn’t make any sense.

I love this band and this song.

Q: My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult would like to know Do You Fear (The Inferno Express?)

I certainly do.

A: The quirky French loungy electronica band, Joy As A Toy says Better Lock Your Door.

Damn, I can’t find a video for this song either, so here’s the title track from the same album.

Better Lock Your Door sounds like they fear the Inferno Express, too..

Q: Our next question is from a band called Sasquatch. They would like to know Are You Ready?

I would like some more coffee first, but maybe someone else is ready.

A: Rancid says I Am The One.

Yup, they’re ready, Sasquatch. Go on then.

Q: Pink Floyd wants to know Is There Anybody Out There?

I’m sure there is, but let’s ask anyway.

A: Slobberbone answered with I’ll Be Damned.

Sounds like you have your answer, Pink Floyd.

Q: Craw asks Is It Safe?

I’m not sure. Let’s ask.

A: Eminem, DMX and Obie Trice say Go To Sleep.

Sounds safe to me, Craw. They wouldn’t tell you to sleep if it wasn’t, right? Alright, one more…

Q: The Company Band asks Who Else But Us?

A: Our answer comes from Fugazi, who say Cassavetes.

There you have it, Company Band. It’s Cassavetes and you.

Well, that’s about all we have time for today. Until next time…

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