25 Songs: Day 22 Serenade



Day 22 – A song someone has sung to you.

For real? Who goes around singing songs to other people? I don’t recall anyone ever singing a song to me. I don’t live in a musical. There have been no spontaneous dance numbers with conversations in song that I can recall. Maybe once when I was on ecstacy…

Anyway, I’m a little aggro from writing a post about child sexual abuse earlier today, so perhaps that’s why, but I find this prompt to be pretty much the dumbzorz.

But, I have to pick something since I signed up for this challenge, so I’m going to pick the only song I can think of that causes my group of friends to stop whatever we’re doing and sing along whenever we hear it, usually around Christmas time. The boys sing Shane’s part and the girls sing Kirsty’s.

This song is as close to a musical as my life ever gets.