25 Songs: Day 11 Soundtrack



Day 11 – A song from my favorite movie.

This one seems simple, but it’s not. From the age of whenever I saw Star Wars, that was my favorite movie. It was replaced by Blade Runner, which was supplanted by Fight Club. So far, nothing has replaced Fight Club. Although Blade Runner is still my favorite under certain circumstances, I’m going to pick the song at the end of Fight Club because it’s really the only “song” in both movies. The rest of the soundtracks to both are mainly just movie music.

This is the song that appears at the very end of Fight Club. It has always been a favorite song of mine since I’ve long been a fan of the Pixies, but the use of it at the end of Fight Club was a stroke of genius. When I first saw Fight Club, the fact that they used this song took my breath away.