25 Songs: Day 3 The Rents




Day 3 – A Song that reminds you of one or both of your parents.

This is cheating since I just talked about this the other day in the post Life In Six Songs?

“My mom listens to soundtracks to Broadway musicals. If I ever hear the jellicle cats again in my lifetime, I will kill someone, probably Andrew Lloyd Webber. Fuck that guy.”

I’m not going to post the jellicle cats here, because I don’t want to be guilty of murder. Instead, I’ll post another of my mother’s musical loves, Mr. Jim Croce. We listened to this a lot in the car and I recall singing along to the chorus. Way better than fucking Cats.

Moving on to dad:

“My dad loves the Peter Gunn theme and the music from the old-timey James Bond films. The James Bond films are his favorite movies. Iโ€™ve seen all of them multiple times. At one point, I borrowed his pickup truck and there was a tape with the Peter Gunn theme recorded over and over on both sides.”

Henry Mancini rules.