From Lima Beans To Turtles

Picture 2Hello there. Where am I? I can’t see anything at all. I can’t move either. I’m green. I look like a helmet or a deformed Lima bean. I don’t feel like a helmet or a Lima bean.
Picture 3Now I’m spotted. I’m not a Lima bean, unless I’m an exceptionally messed up one. I suppose I’m a helmet with spots. Am I a military helmet? Are we going to war? I don’t want to go to war. I don’t feel very warlike. Besides, I can’t move at all. Maybe helmets aren’t meant to move.
Picture 5Now, I’m really confused. What are those things? Wait, I can move them! Well, at least, I can move the ones that are attached to the helmet. I can move them! I’m a helmet with things that move. Neat.

Picture 6Wow. Now all the things are attached and the helmet has an underside. I can move around any which way I want! I can’t see anything and I ran into something a bit ago, but I can move! This is awesome!

Picture 7OK, now there’s something out front. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s mostly round. Let’s see where this is going, except I still can’t see. Figure of speech.

Picture 8I can see!!! Oh my, there are colors and shapes and things! I’ll never run into anything ever again! This is amazing.

Picture 9This just keeps getting better! I have a mouth to eat things with now! I must admit, I was a little hungry. And what’s that hanging out the back there? I have a tail. I always wanted a tail.

What am I called? A turtle? OK, I’m a turtle. I can walk and see and eat things and waggle my tail. I like being a turtle.

Thanks for making me a turtle, lady. Much obliged.

Apparently, you can buy me on Redbubble if you’re into that sort of thing.