Brought To You By The Letter Q

Image from Sesame Street.

Quagmires like today’s daily post prompt typically cause most to select a frequently used letter like T to start every sentence. Qualifiers like “the,” “there” or “that” are all too ubiquitous as the segue to sentence-dom. Quality quarry isn’t to be found in those overused letters. Quashing the acquiescent prey, I chose a delinquent character.

Quizzically, Q is a letter that we require, but don’t question much. Quite a lot of words begin with Q and even more contain it. Quoins are the cornerstones of buildings. Quantum mechanics shows us how the world works. Quarks are elementary particles and fundamental constituents of matter. Quinolones treat infections. Question marks turn statements into queries. Queens, aquatic, unique, tranquil, relinquish and antique cannot exist without Q. Quiche, quintets, requiems, sequels, quarters, quirky quips and inquiries would be gone with no unquestionable equivalent. Quoting Cookie Monster, you can’t spell quiet without the letter Q:

Image from Sesame Street.
“Quiet” image from Sesame Street.

Qi is unique in Scrabble as it is the only two-letter Q word and the Q isn’t followed by a U. Queen, quest, queer, quart, quick and quack all have Q followed by U. Querulous Scrabble players often unequivocally quibble that a U is requisite on the Q tile, but where is the quest in that? Q-haters loquaciously bemoan the inadequacy of Q-words, but they’re just not looking hard enough. Question how many words have Q in them without you even noticing. Quotidian usage of Q will quadruple your inconsequential vocabulary, so get acquainted with Q. Quiescent Q will someday conquer colloquialisms (or not, but either way, quintessential Q is here to stay.).

Quantity of Qs: 77 (not including those two)