Promotey Type Post

The other day, I talked about my failure buying art since I’m poor and how I ended up buying stuff on Redbubble. Since I was on there, I decided it was silly not to set up my own shop there. Yesterday, that’s exactly what I did.

I’ve never been any good at promotion. In fact, I really suck at it. I’m equally bad at collecting money. For example:

Ooh, I love your work! How much will you charge for a custom logo?

Um, I don’t know… $2? Is that too much?

No! That’s great!

Two weeks later…

I know we said no changes, but we’d like to change everything and not have you charge us for it.

Six months later…

Um, that logo I did for you has been done for a while, but I still haven’t gotten paid for it.

Oh! Goodness! That’s right! We’ll send you a check for fifty cents now!

It was actually $2…

A few months later…

Do you have any bad debt to write off this year?

Why, yes, Mr. Accountant. I do.

And that’s why I don’t do a lot of freelance. The end.

Redbubble handles all the hard parts. They deal with the customers and the money and the printing and the shipping. All I have to do is make stuff. And not even custom stuff necessarily, but whatever I feel like making. That’s it!

Now, in the right column of this blog, about halfway down, you will find this:

Picture 1That’s about as much promotion as I’m ever likely to do. All of my little animals (Except for the fish–I’d feel weird selling that one) are available there on cards, prints, t-shirts, ipad and iphone cases, and STICKERS! You can buy or not buy whatever you want. If you decide to order something, Redbubble will take your money up front, print it, and ship it to you without my involvement at all. Then, I get a check.

Granted, my slice is small; smaller than it would be if I printed and shipped it myself, but I don’t want to have to do any of that for the following reasons:

Hand-drawn lettering by Goldfish.

Besides, this is stuff I already created for fun and it cost me nothing to make. Why not put it out there for the world? Maybe someone wants a raccoon.

Anyway, that’s the end of my promotioney post since now I feel awkward for having mentioned it. I just wanted to let you know the option is there if you’d like it.