Synesthetic Soundtrack Week 2

Death Grips in New York: the Secret Market Hotel Show.Image from

I have synesthesia. I see music as color, shapes, patterns and movement in three dimensional space. I wake up with a soundtrack every morning.

Last week, I wrote down what songs they were and shared them. I’ve decided to keep a record of what they are and share them here as long as I keep remembering to write them down.

As far as the weekends go, I don’t typically remember to write them down, because my routine is different. If I remember weekend songs, I’ll add them, but don’t hold your breath.


The Pioneers: Rudies Are The Greatest


Yay! More Trojan Ska. I’ll take it. I love me some 60s ska.


Bauhaus: Telegram Sam


I have not heard this song in at least ten, bordering closer on twenty years. I’m pretty sure I have the CD somewhere, but I don’t have this song in MP3 form and I have no idea where it came from.


Gojira: Flying Whales


At first, I just had that introductory guitar part repeating over and over like the song, and a little of the whalesong. It took some doing to remember what song that was from, and then once I did, the whole thing flowed through my mind.


The Stone Roses: Love Spreads


It took me forever to remember what this was. I haven’t heard it in a very long time, and at first, all I had was the “naked in the rain” lyric. It just kept repeating like a skipping record. It was only when I focused on it that I finally remember what it was.


Death Grips: Takyon (Death Yon)


This one was loud. I woke up and it started screaming at me. It’s funny how obtrusive some of these songs are, while others are just little snippets that I have to play detective with. My brain is weird.